Building Employee Engagement through the Orientation

A trainer asked a group of his trainees a question “How was your first day at work and did your organization prepared an orientation?”

The answers were shocking. Some said that they did not get any orientation and their first day was the worst, while others said their first day was so boring and they spent weeks without knowing their duties and responsibilities.

Some reacted differently; they left their jobs directly after their first day because they felt unwelcomed. However, others replied that they did not find a place to sit for a long time and they kept asking their colleagues questions every day and that was both very boring and embarrassing.

“What is an orientation?”

It is a program organizations should arrange for their newly-hired employees to break the ice and resist fear. This program should be the first step towards employee engagement. It has to be well planned and organized day by day until the employee becomes a dynamic part in his/her team.

Most organizations – and companies – in Egypt ignore the importance of welcoming their employees and making their first day a special and unforgettable one. On the other hand, successful organizations care for every small detail and arrange a great schedule and checklist to make a perfect welcoming day. They send a message to the employee before their arrival with who he or she will meet and prepare their office, their new email and every tool he/she will use at work and some even prepare gifts.

The HR department should be aware of the day their new colleague will come and arrange with the direct manager the full program, not only of the first day, but also for several days.

Of course, this organization will engage and motivate its newly-hired employees and will save a lot of the organization’s time. It will also allow the employee will appreciate their new job and feel excited to begin their work.

An anonymous quote says: “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

By: Ola Youssry

Photo Designer: Sarah ElSadek

Edited by: Mona Timor Shehata