Read How a 15-year-old Group of Students Define HR! ~ Generation Z

Prepared by: Mahmoud Mansi

A new interesting era of youth is developing into new segments, mastering talents our generations (X & Y) were not been able to master. Generation Z is noticeably growing and creating its own perceptions, rules, demands, interests, and outputs. The world will be a completely different place when this generation will be in charge (which will happen sooner than expected). HR people should be completely prepared for this day, and as a sparkle I have decided to interview 6 intelligent Egyptian young ladies (age:15) on how they define Human Resources, and below were their responses…


HR through the Eyes of Generation Z


HR is like the Godfather of the team or organization, as they are the people responsible for making the plan that the team would follow, from making the SWOT analysis to checking the tasks that each committee/department does, to helping each member/employee become better in what they do, and eventually tell them about the weakness points that they can work on to do more successful work that will make the team more efficient.”

Arwa Kadry


“HR is like the heart in the society, as the heart encourages our soul in performing our aims much like the HRD help the people in being better with better qualities and try to solve their personality problems. The heart also regulates the flow of blood and the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide such as the HRM regulate the organization and help the members perform their work perfectly and regulate them.”

Yara Yasser


“The role of HR is important because it is all about being more active in order to make a good product. The HR person is someone who makes a plan for all of the team and then checks the tasks performed by all members inside the team. That’s why I love working as HR.”

Marwa Mohammed


“The work done by the HR impacts the success of the team. It we consider the team or organization as a robot – where our robot needs sensors and motors in order to function properly. The HR is the brain that designs the robot through planning, and it stimulates the sensors by dividing and organizing tasks among the teams and members.”

Tasneem Awad


“The HR is the ‘dynamo’ of the team. It has the capability to help the other teams succeed, and the HR team should be carefully selected because when things get tough everyone would be able to lean on them. HR should have knowledge about the rest of the fields in order to plan, organize and monitor their work properly. It is not as complicated as it sounds, it just needs someone who is creative and smart in order to inspire ideas and polish existing ones and eventually have an impact on the entire team of the organization/project. The HR person should be wise and smart to be able to guide the different teams towards their success and to raise the benchmark level through developing the ‘roadmap’…”

Shahd Elsheikh