Since we were children, we’ve been raised in a society in which people believe that success is to be either an engineer, or a doctor, and other than that is complete failure.

Definitely many of us were asked during their childhood the type of questions as “what do you want to be in the future?” or “Do you want to have the same career as your mother’s, or as your father’s?”, honestly I wasn’t so good at answering such questions, because there were always other questions on my mind, I was always wondering why I had to be like someone, what if what I want was completely different? What if I have my own identity?

I don’t know why people used to ask us such questions, if they were always expecting us to have one of two or three answers they want to hear, what if I don’t want to be any of these? What if I want to be an actress, a writer, or a painter instead?

I never knew why none of these answers was ever enough, there must have been something else, something you have to do beside your talent, because your talent is never enough.

People always say that it’s ok to have a talent, but you can never take it as a job, you must have a different – traditional career, and your talent should remain as a hobby for you to go to when you’re bored, well, that’s ok, but there’s something that nobody ever thought about, how am I supposed to be creative and ambitious, when what I do was never what I dreamt of? How am I supposed to wake up every day having the energy to do something I lack interest in? How am I supposed to be motivated, if I don’t even have the passion? And why should I choose the stray, if I know quite well which path I have to walk in?

One day, I decided to accept the fact that I won’t be able to do what I’m passionate about, and study what I’m not interested in, I spent all the college years trying to accept it, and I thought that I already did, till I was graduated, and to my surprise, I realized that after all those years of studying, I failed to be part of this, and I had to face the fact, that I don’t belong there, and I won’t.

 But regardless what I realized and became clear to me, I worked at the same field I studied, and I chose the easy path for the second time, but the truth is, it was never easy, and deciding to spend the rest of my life passionless, was harder than what I ever thought.

During the college years, I’ve always thought that I forgot about my dreams, and that my passion was not there anymore, but after that I realized that it never left me, it was always there, but it was just buried at the bottom of my heart till further notice.

I found out that the time I spend doing the one thing I love, is the only time I feel the power of my passion, I feel literally alive, and that my wild soul could never be tamed, but this used to happen only in my spare time, till one day, I entered a bookshop, and I read those magical words at the back of a book I saw by accident:

“When someone you love plans a path for you, don’t follow, he wants to see himself in you, gratitude and acceptance don’t build great edifices, there’s something different inside you, something deserves to take care of, because it was meant only for you, and you were meant only for it…”

These words came to me just on time, and as I believe in destiny messages, I considered these words as one of them.

I decided to cut it short, and ask myself a few simple questions, what if I don’t follow my passion? What if I spend the rest of my life doing nothing but accepting and accepting? What will be the consequences? Will I regret?

And at that moment I found myself answering with yes, I will regret, and my dreams will turn into nightmares, I don’t want to do this to myself, and years from now, I don’t want to be this old woman who spent her whole life in vain, I want to be remembered, I want to do what makes people feel I’m still alive even when I’m not, I want to succeed and win awards, why not?? It’s the law of attraction, when we believe in our dreams, fight for them and struggle to reach them, that’s when we deserve to have our dreams coming true.

That was when I decided to listen to that inner voice, which keeps whispering to me “follow your dreams no matter what”, and to be wholly devoted to my passion, regardless what people say or think, some think I’m insane, others think I’m lost, and I think I’m neither this or that, I’m just destined to have different and sometimes weird dreams, and that doesn’t mean I’m lost, I know it, I’m on my way…

Written By: Nada Ashraf Ramzy