Minions as An Inspiration for Workers!

Have you heard about Minions? Those cute characters that appeared in two movies before and they shone so much that they have a movie on their own in cinemas now? If not, Google them, you will never regret it and they will never fail to put a smile on your face.


Do you know what is really great about Minions beside their cuteness and their weird language that needs a special glossary? They are great workers. Surprised? They have the team work spirit and they follow their leader with all their heart. They are so devoted that they can sacrifice their own life for their master or boss.

What “Minion” really means is a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one. Pierre Coffin, the creator of Minions said that they are meant to be stupid. I don’t see them as stupid, they do the job and they are always there when asked. They are so loyal that they even went to bring their boss’s adopted daughter, Agnes, a Baboi*, in Despicable Me 1 (2010). As an employee you can find it submissive, but thinking like a Minion, it was much fun, dressing up and singing out loud in a mall, “Copacabana, yaaaay!” It is all about seizing chances; don’t look down upon a task. Do it, every experience counts, and you never know how beneficial it would prove to be in your future.

In Despicable Me 2 (2013), when super bad Gru became officially a super dad, and changed his career from being evil to a jam and jelly maker, Minions were there as well. They didn’t give up on him. They even called him “papa”. The most amazing thing about Minions as workers is their devotion. Their happy wellbeing allows them to accept getting the jelly flavors tested on them, and they even enjoyed it. They cared about this job, which is what we, as humans, really lack.

The latest movie Minions (2015) shows their history with all the villainous masters they have served, starting with a T-Rex till Napoleon. Due to the “accidental” death of their bosses, Minions turn to be depressed and isolate them self in Antarctica. Does their state sound familiar to you, when you fail in a certain job and just shut yourself in your room staring at the ceiling, then all you need is Kevin, one of the Minions who decided to go out from such an isolation and go to find another boss, or another job, in our terms. Kevin didn’t quit and so won’t you.

Kevin didn’t go alone; he went with bored, guitar‐obsessed Stuart, and young hungry Bob. They had a mind‐boggling journey; they started with New York and ended up with little Bob being the new king of England. What they did was really inspiring, they didn’t give in to their depressed state, and they moved on and seized whatever opportunities came ahead, facing a few bumps on the road but surrendering was not a notion in their dictionary. Fighting for their destiny made them meet their one and only evil boss‐to‐be young Gru by the end of the movie.


Whenever you feel down and you feel that you are out of opportunities, don’t give up, be a Minion and fight it. Watch the 3 movies back to back and imagine all the Minions are in front of you saying, “Tulaliloo ti amo**” and eat a “Gelato***” along with a “Baple****” and everything will be just fine.

Tank u*****



Minions Glossary:

*Baboi: Toy

**Tulaliloo ti amo : We love you

***Gelato: Ice-cream

****Baple: Apple

*****Tank u: Thank you

Written by: Abir Yassin

EDITOR: Sarah Shalaby

  • Abeer Amer

    Very interesting how the writer could analyze the movies and the Minions character itself in such a way.

    Tank u for the advice & I will never feel out of opportunities 🙂