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This is a magazine for Employees, Managers, Students, Unemployed and Retired. It is for EVERYONE who has an opinion related to work, business and economy.

If you want to write with us, upload a mug design, become our partner, become one of our designers, photographers or comic artists please contact us with your proposal or questions 🙂

Writing Guidelines: HR Revolution Middle-East Magazine

Writing: Volunteering.

Content: Original. Do not copy or rephrase any content from the internet or you will be banned from the magazine. If your article depends on research use reference and mention the original sources.

Word Limit: Min 500 / Max 2000.

Pictures: All our cover pictures for the articles are original. We do not take pictures from Google. If you personally took a picture that suites your article or know a photographer or illustrator that can do something for you go ahead. If not, our team will take care of that. In both cases we post the copyrights of the artist by the end of the article.

Editing: It is best to submit your article in best format. We will proofread the article and edit it for you.

Themes to write about, Sections of the Magazine:

Employee Diary, you can write about your first day at work in a diary form (civil work or corporate work). This is an informal sections, it doesn’t have to be related to HR. In this section we post a personal picture of yours inside your work to make it more real and personal, thus motivational.

HR Feminism, you can write articles about women rights at work, discuss women causes in the working environment, problems, solutions.

Reviews, you can write book and movie reviews, but from a business or HR perspective. It could be a novel, a contemporary or old movie.

Work Tips, you can write tips for students on how to start building their careers from now, or for employees, or for managers.

Criticize HR, you are free to write comments, situations, suggest solutions or highlight problems regarding HR in Egypt or in general, without mentioning names of companies of course.

HR Fossils, you can read about ancient cultures, and see how they implemented management, HR, training, recruitment and planning in such early ages and link it to our contemporary business science.

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