Interview with Marvin Quarshie ~ Founder of E&E Empire in Ghana

INTERVIEWER: Kukua Atta-Peters

The tailoring of the clothes of E&E clothing products are a result of constant attention to detail in my years of architecture study…

Marvin Quarshie

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What is the name of your organisation and how did the name come about? 

Marvin Quarshie: E&E Empire established in 04/01/2017. E&E Empire stands for two Ghanaian Ewe native names Emefa & Edem. E&E clothing. The name of my organization originates from two Ghanaian Ewe native names Emefa and Edem. For a very long time I have been self-motivated to establish a conglomerate that seeks to improve the living standards of the African. Emefa translates “Peacefulness” and Edem translates “Being saved”. I strongly believed if our African society needs to transform it must be created in a peaceful atmosphere. E&E clothing is an aspect of the bigger picture- E&E Empire, a conglomerate that is does design, architecture, food, technology and clothing. E&E clothing makes clothes from Africa (Ghana) to the world.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What influences your fashion creativity?

Marvin Quarshie: The contemporary lady and gentleman in modern times live a life of innovation. E&E Empire harnesses its ideas from every aspect of life- from nature to culture and technology, we at E&E Empire applies all these innovatively and creatively. An example is the vice and use of materials. I normally chose fabric materials that are favourable and comfortable for our climate conditions here in Africa. In our “All White Shirt series” the shorts are made from a white cotton fabric material, this symbolizes PURITY in the Ghanaian African culture.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: Being an Architecture student, does your educational background give you a different approach to your start-up?

Marvin Quarshie: Yes. Knowledge is power. Knowledge can be acquired not only through school but from everywhere. My educational background has thought me to have an open mind to life in general. It has also enabled me make the best deals for my business, by negotiations and being professional about my business. My years in architecture school have sharpened my presentational skills, made me think more strategically and also given me a better taste in design. My attention to detail especially in the tailoring of the clothes of E&E clothing products are a result of constant attention to detail in my years of architecture study.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What are the various strategies put in place to attract customers on social media? 

Marvin Quarshie: Quality; from photography to runways and to interviews. I post a lot of my clothes online and on my platforms. In the clothing industry timing is a very important tool in any designer’s arsenal. This era of bursting social media platforms has been an enormous boast for me. Strategically I am conscious of when and where I post my clothing contents. One main strategy I use and I hope to improve upon is being CONSISTENT. To every entrepreneur, the satisfaction of his or her client is paramount and that can also be achieved by being consistent and innovative enough.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What type of marketing strategy is employed for the brand?

Marvin Quarshie: Our works speak for itself. My clients always recommend my products to their contacts. We constantly come up with innovative ideas all the time. I have a strong team that works in synergy to keep our customers wearing our products and this is done firstly by being original and producing quality clothes. This has a ripple effect because our clients keep recommending us to their acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family. In the near future the brand will hold special educational sections for volunteers and the general public on how to keep and maintain clothes. This will be done through the social media and fashion shows. Our major strength is the fact that Africans are embracing the fact that we can independent in all we do and that’s what E&E clothing does: making quality clothing from Africa, by Africans to the World.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: Do financial hiccups stunt your start-up business in terms of production and sales? 

Marvin Quarshie: Yes. Although we rely on income from sales but I am always looking for innovative ways of raising money. I receive funds from friends and family and also some investors that believe in the brand.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: Where do you see your brand in the next five 5 years?

Marvin Quarshie: Worldwide, producing clothes for everyone around the world. Our long term plan is to be a well-recognized intercontinental clothing brand. I see E&E clothing rubbing shoulders with the NIKEs and Versaces. We will have shows in three countries here in Africa. I am looking forward to partnerships with other fashion designers in Africa so we can have a collaboration.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What are your views on the fashion industry in Ghana? And what can you do to improve it?

Marvin Quarshie: I think the fashion industry is a booming industry now. Ghanaians are beginning to embrace what is made from Ghana. Producing quality clothing from Ghana to the world. A majority of the Ghanaian society are getting rid of the colonized and enslaved mentality that everything produced out of Africa is the best. We are appreciating more made-in-Ghana products. For example a lot of clothes are being made out of African printed fabric materials.

It’s all about empowering the individual fashion designer and the local tailor and seamstress. I know setting up E&E clothing, I have contributed to the local manufacturing industry of Ghana because I produce everything locally. From my clothing tags to my clothing labels, everything is mass produced here in Ghana. My packaging is also done in Ghana.

  1. HR Revolution Middle East Magazine: What do you look out for in your team members when selecting a team?

Marvin Quarshie: Creativity, Innovation and Integrity. My team consists of individuals I have had an opportunity to do either a school work or a personal project with before. I often look at past works done by them and how they approached it.



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