How to Use Professional Translations in Unexpected Ways?

Written By: Sirena Rubinoff

Translations play an important role for any business that has international concerns. Whether it is for marketing materials, human resources management or research, the quality of translations can make a significant difference in terms of your organization’s ability to reach its goals.

By enlisting the help of a professional translation firm, your business can open new markets, expand the reach of your research and make sure your business is in compliance with the various regulatory bodies that you may encounter.

Marketing & E-Commerce

Modern technology has made it possible for more businesses to operate globally. With more people having access to the internet, and the growth in mobile device use, businesses can reach more customers with greater ease. While the ability to reach international customers is a great asset, you still need to communicate your message to foreign markets.

English might be the world’s most used language, but it is still only spoken by about a quarter of internet users worldwide. If you want your brand to succeed in foreign markets, you need to translate things like your website, brochures, advertisements, and other marketing collateral. Depending on your involvement in a foreign country, you may also have legal obligations to translate privacy terms, legal statements, and contracts into the local language, too.

International Litigation

Litigation can be very complex even when it is in the jurisdiction of a single court. Move to international litigation, and you have to consider differences in regulation, procedure, the language, and the culture. You also have to recognize that regulations can change, even down to the minutia. With the law being a field where precise language matters, you have to ensure that translations are performed by certified professionals.

One situation where you hiring a translation service is most effective are instances where the staff is not fluent in a language that is necessary to argue an international case. You may also have laws or regulations that need to be translated for the application in a specific case or you could need translation services for cases that are going to be heard in multiple courts in different countries.

Clinical Trials and Research Publication

Translations can play an important role in clinical trials and research. In a clinical trial, there are forms that need to be filled out by participants, the staff, and the doctors that are performing the research. If research is being performed on a global scale, these documents need to be translated for use in the different locations. This is both a mandate set out by the medical regulatory bodies and a best practice to ensure the safety and accuracy of trials.

You may also need to consider translations for the publication of research. Most scientific publishing is done in English because it is the language that has the greatest reach in the scientific community. For non-English research to have a significant reach and make its full impact, it must be translated into English.

Patent Filing

Filing a patent is a meticulous procedure that gets even more complex when you are trying to file for a patent in a foreign country. Similar to the legal industry, you have differences in language and regulation that can make a difference when it comes to the success of the filing.

Ensuring the accuracy of the translation is of the highest importance when translating for a patent filing. Patent filing is expensive, so getting it done right the first time is both a time- and money-saver. This is why businesses need the services of an LSP for the translation of patent applications. Professional translations will ensure the accuracy of the work, and it can help to keep the cost of the filing down by reducing the potential for errors.

Sub-standard translations could be costly in any of the above-mentioned industries in terms of monetary and reputational consequences. Instead of taking the risk, it is best to work with a professional translation service from the beginning.