Do you Motivate your Manager?

Usually we read about how managers should keep their employees engaged and well motivated but have you ever thought about whether your manager needs motivation or not?

Perhaps your direct manager is not getting any support from the upper management. Perhaps he/she is a change maker and no one can support him/her but you. Perhaps your direct manager is not a change maker because he/she has lost hope and became disengaged, and you can be the spark of hope.

The trend nowadays highlights that disengagement reasons result from the upper management, but disengagement can be more dangerous and effective when it comes from your own team.

Imagine being a manager and having your own vision of development and projects, while your employees only care about their salaries and daily tasks. They do what you say, but they don’t care about the impact. Imagine how demotivating you will become, even if you are having all the support from the upper management.

How to motivate your manager?

Always be involved with your manager’s “progress” in his/her vision. Provide positive feedback and motivational words. Become an advisor and give indirect and direct pieces of advice to your manager. Be keen and up to date to his/her problems. In other words become a friend when the manager needs one. Show your manager that he/she is not alone.

Motivation comes horizontally and vertically, all 360 degrees. You can spread this culture in your organization starting by yourself.

Written By: Mahmoud Mansi

Photography: Rawan Khaled