Creating Self-Esteem (Lynda Field) ~ Book Review by Ola Youssry

Have you ever fully understood what self-esteem is all about?

Self-esteem is the belief we have about ourselves. If you believed that you are valued, worthy, accepted and loved this means you are having healthy self-esteem, but if you think you are not worthy, unloved and rejected so you are having unhealthy self-esteem.

People who have high self-esteem are able to make choices about how to run their lives, they can realize their potential and they do this by integrating all their abilities in a balance and harmonious way. Of course low self-esteem people are ones who are unable to have a balanced life.

We all have experiences and can be good or bad. A bad experience is called a victim experience which you feel you have no choices, you feel uncomfortable and out of control of your life, you are low self-esteem and you don’t feel good. If you are a creative person you feel at ease and able to make things happen, you create your own experiences and so feel in control of your destiny and you feel good.

Lynda Field (trainer counselor and psychotherapist) talked in her book about the four energies we experienced in each experience in our lives: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, and if they are all balanced one will have a creative experience.

Spiritual energy enables us to connect with life forces (inner awareness).

Mental energy enables us to understand, emotional to feel and physical to take actions thus the experience is a multi-directional.

But if our energy is blocked anywhere in our connecting, understanding feeling or action then we are out of balance and this means we are victims of low self-esteem.

Maybe you know how to look inside and can feel relaxed but don’t know how to bring this experience into a material reality, in other words you can connect but you can’t act.

You may be very emotionally aware and sensitive to others, but how to stop yourself from being overwhelmed by emotion? Possibly you can be very good at understanding ideas but they stay in your head. Once you discover where you have a block you can use the appropriate technique to unblock your energy. It is possible to change whatever type of person you think you are!

There are ways to enhance your self-esteem:

  1. Be honest with yourself. identify and eliminate weakness also identify your strengths these are your special traits that your foundation of success must be built on.
  2. Visualize your goal by asking what I want really achieve in my life you will be more aware of opportunities that help you turn your vision.
  3. Set a realistic goal.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Energize yourself with positive talks.
  6. Learn from past experiences to make the best use of the present and prepare for a successful future.

Remember that: “We are what we believe we are…”

By: Ola Youssry


This Book Review is dedicated to my special fitness instructor Sheyam Adel Fathy, and a perfect example of healthy self-esteem 🙂

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