Are HRs Good or Bad People?

Photography & Article By: Mahmoud Mansi

There is always a debate, people hate HR, people like HR, and people who are neutral and don’t take things too personal.

Have you ever asked an HR person what the struggles they pass through are?

Imagine yourself in their shoes…

  • No matter what you say, some employees will still not believe you, and perhaps even call you a dishonest person.
  • The phone keeps ringing all day long. You are cornered between finishing your endless tasks and answering the phone. If you answer the phone, you will have to keep the task you are working on aside, and employees will say that their work is late. If you focus on finishing the tasks, the employees will say, “HRs never answer the phone.”
  • You work so hard all day long, and in the end of the day employees from other departments say that you don’t work at all! Yet when the employees visit you, you treat them nicely and smile.
  • You work so hard on organizing a training program, and fighting with the finance department for a better training budget, and in the end employees skip the training, or they attend it and do not try to apply it in their work.
  • You have lots of paperwork, and at the same time you are asked to create and implement a development plan! You barely finish the paperwork then you are exhausted. Development becomes a dream haunting you.

Of course there are exceptions, whether HRs are good people or bad people, in many cases the “employee is always right”. However keep it in mind that the HR employee can be as over stressed as any other employee in the organization, so don’t fall into stereotyping your HR colleagues.