9 Tips for an Effective Job Interview

Written By: Mahmoud Mansi

Photography: Ahmed Sabry & Noor El-Tahan

1-Talk About Yourself!

It is uncomfortable for many people to talk about themselves. Some people are shy too, that’s totally normal. When you are asked this question in an interview do not panic, and get out of your own bubble. Feel free to talk about yourself; one needs to compliment one’s self every now and then, think about it this way.

When the interviewer asks this question most people give the same answer. They start by saying their names, age and education. All these information are listed in your CV. The interviewer is not interested to listen to them, he/she is interested to know more about YOU; the person, the human being. So be different and try the other approach; talk about the person inside you, why this person wants to work, and what are the talents of this person that fits this job and organization.

2-Show Your Personality

HRs now do not only care about the skills, courses, experiences and talents of the person applying for the job. They now care about the personality as well. Because you can be a very clever person, but for example you are stubborn at work, you are not flexible and so on. So before the interview work on your personality, and during the interview show the good traits of your personality.

3-Be Smart, but don’t outsmart the Interviewer!

Always show your knowledge and wisdom into seeing things, whether general opinions or directly related to the business. Don’t show your ego or outsmart the interviewer. This will be a sign of disrespect.

4-Read about the Organization

Always study the organization before applying. See their advertisements. Check their website and social media pages. Talk to employees who already work there if you know any. Make a list of ideas and suggestions for them, and share them in the interview.

5-Show them that you are both: A Leader & A Follower

Even if you are applying for a managerial position HRs will need someone who has the skills of a follower not only a leader. They do not want to hire someone who is only thirsty for authority and a higher position; they want someone who is thirsty for work, ideas and flexibility.

6-Avoid Cliché & Unrealistic Answers

You will be asked many questions in the interview, try to always think in a different way. Take your time, you do not have to answer on the spot. Try to think of new answers. You can search the internet for different interview questions and bring a pen and paper, and write the answers down as an exercise.

7-Watch Your Body Language

Do not make uncomfortable moves. You can read more about body language and learn to be relaxed and professional.

8-Don’t Lie

HRs know it when you lie. Always tell the truth and be honest. Honest is more valuable than any other asset.

9-Relax & Learn from the Experience

Each interview is a learning experience and a new workshop for you. Don’t go into the interview as if they will judge you. Try to start the conversation, smile, make yourself excited about the experience. The interview will then go smoothly. You will learn a lot from each interview, try to make the best out of it.